Communication in 4 Dimensions NUS, May 05, 2010:
“Thanks so much for everything Elisabetta. You're an excellent trainer. Really appreciate your authenticity and generous sharing. We couldn't have asked for a more interesting three days... I've learnt!!!”
Alvin Lee Thiam Siew, Manager
Office of Student Affairs, NUS Singapore (2010)
“Very inspiring!!! I grew up in a negative environment where we are so easy to judge but slow to praise. I now learnt that, to fulfill my dreams, it has to come from within – Me, Inside Out!!! I'll focus and go towards my dreams. Thank you, Elisabetta, I'll make the change!!!”
Cathy Tan Lay Choo, Manager (student Support),
University Health Centre, NUS – Singapore (2010)
“Thank you. It has been a holistic learning journey. The experiences, exercises are refreshing, inspiring. I would definitely recommend this course.”
Chua Sin Chew, Senior Manager
Office of Alumni Relations, NUS – Singapore (2010)
“Communication is about connecting. We are all human beings, imperfect. I learnt to observe and manage emotions, not judging.”
Cindy Zhang Zhaoxin, Safety & Health Manager
Office of Safety, Health and Environment, NUS – Singapore (2010)
“I want to thank Elisabetta for giving me a chance to look inside of myself. I was lost for a long time (at least 4 years) and had difficulty to find myself. Today, I feel ‘myself’ is back. I feel my emotions / feelings inside of me at this moment. This energy has come back to me and I will continue to practice, practice and practice. I have the confidence right now!!!”
Goh Sok Hong, Assistant Manager
Research & Evaluation, Duke-NUS Grad Med School – Singapore (2010)
“Yes. I've benefited. Thanks. The facilitation was good, but more importantly it was sincere. A trainer who constantly checks within and upgrades her skills walks the talk.”
Jeanine Chen Hui-Tsing, Senior Manager,
Dean's Office (Biz), NUS – Singapore (2010)
“Self-awareness is key to what I learnt in this workshop. Taking responsibility and to Learn to embrace negative feedback, emotions and the "butterflies". Be brave to face the issue.”
Lim Phuay Choo, Senior Manager,
Office of Student Affairs, NUS – Singapore (2010)
“It gives me the opportunity to know my inner-self better and I have a stronger feel of it.”
Ong Chee Bin Johnson, Associate Director,
Office of Quality Management, NUS – Singapore (2010)
“Enjoyed all the tips, personal experiences shared by Elisabetta. She has touched my heart and I enjoyed her sincerity during the workshop.”
Rafidah Binte Masod, Executive
International Relations Office, NUS – Singapore (2010)
“I love the energy, wisdom, humility, conviction and kindness of Elisabetta!!! You're an inspiration and a role model!”
Seng Sheh Lee, Ruby, Librarian,
NUS Libraries, NUS – Singapore (2010)
“Very insightful in helping us to understand ourselves instead of just delivering facts and research and guidelines.”
Simon Woo Yee Thye, Associate Director,
Computer Centre, NUS – Singapore (2010)

Powerful Listening from the Inside Out NUS, April 08, 2010:
“Such a rewarding time with personal experiences and skills to learn. Hope to get more courses in future.”
Tan Tsze Yin (Chen Ziyin), Lab Technologist,
Department of Chemistry, NUS – Singapore (2010)
“The workshop creates an awareness in me as to what listening is and listening is not. Listening from the Inside Out is really a new skill that I would like to learn, acquire & put into practice so as to become a better communicator in my daily life.”
Ho Wai Chui, Donna, Manager
Office of Human Resources, NUS – Singapore (2010)
“The metaphor of the House to depict a person's exterior physical look like the outside and inside the house as a person's emotions & thoughts and that we are all houses, regardless of race, religion, culture & education was an eye opener for me. Look into myself first before looking out to others.”
Noor Sham Binte Abdul Hamid, Assistant Manager,
Department of Political Science, NUS – Singapore (2010)
“I like your energy level & that you try to make your points clearer by showing videos.”
Bathula Aarati Shankar, Systems analyst,
Computer centre, NUS – Singapore (2010)
“Thank you. I really enjoyed the class for the past two days.”
Maragatham d/o Govindarajoo, Management Assistant Officer,
Office of Student Affairs, NUS – Singapore (2010)
“After the workshop, I'm confident that I can be a better listener. I must & should start listening inside-out rather than outside-in. Take the fear out in me & stop second-guessing how people judge & see me, because these are no longer important to me.”
Wong Foong Foong, Alicia, Assistant Manager,
Dean's Office, Engineering, NUS – Singapore (2010)
“Overall a very good talk. I have a new perspective towards listening and it does not equate to agreeing. Also, listening does not mean having to give our own opinion always. I think it is very useful for dealing with relationship among our loved ones.”
Neo Wei Rong, Avan, Engineer,
Department of Civil Engineering, NUS – Singapore (2010)
“The workshop makes me realise that we have a choice to improve our lifestyle and there are people out there who experience similar undesirable things in the past.”
Rapiah Binte Yasin, Lab Technologist
Dean's Office,School of Computing, NUS – Singapore (2010)

Think, Act, Speak, Listen SIM, March 29, 2010:
“You have given very good insights. Learnt a lot on confidence, dreams and the way to achieve!”
Devaraj s/o Daniel
DSO National Laboratories – Singapore (2010)
“I gained more knowledge after attending this workshop. I learnt ways on how to be a confident person, to focus when people are talking to me. Able to observe instead of judging.”
Marilyn Goh
Singapore Institute of Management – Singapore (2010)
“Sharing of personal experience & using movies to illustrate concepts allow me to connect & understand more easily & better. The workshop has helped me to become more aware, conscious of things that are happening daily in my life - bring me out of the autopilot mode.”
Leng Simi
Singapore Institute of Management – Singapore (2010)
“The workshop enabled me to identify and name my emotions. I could relate to each and every slide of the presentation and I was surprised about the difference in my feelings when I related to them. Thanks from bottom of my heart.”
Sooriamoorthy Sharmila
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft – Singapore (2010)
“It helped me in my own soul-searching. Giving myself the courage to think of different perspectives, which I am afraid to do. I have to stop labeling myself.”
Teo Wee Li Yvonne
Singapore Institute of Management – Singapore (2010)
“After attending this workshop, it inspires me to go for my dream. Before that a dream to me is just a dream and it may not be possible to work on it.”
Ting Yit Lai
Institute for Infocomm Research – Singapore (2010)
“A very informative and in-depth course that introduces counselling and psychology apart from helping me understand myself more. Elisabetta is definitely very knowledgeable and rich in experience. Tools introduced are very helpful.”
Joachim Toh Jiunn Kai
Singapore Institute of Management – Singapore (2010)

These are some review we have received from our clients whom have participated in our workshops.