Testimonials about Elisabetta Franzoso (The Trainer, The Coach):

“I met Elisabetta 12 years ago and have been witness to the most extraordinary transformation, Elisabetta has walked the walk and now can talk the talk with confidence and staggering truth. If anyone is wanting to move into a better life with a more inspiring future do yourself a favor and book in to see this inspiring woman simply because – your worth it.”

Loreen Visser, Director
Transformed Self P/L - Australia (2010)

"Elisabetta is an amazingly high energy person with positive enthusiasm. Her reputation as an inspiring, exciting, and change-producing speaker, trainer and coach gives her global acclaim."

Peter Ng
Author of 'EAGLES Dare! Leadership Mastery' and
Co-Author of the Best Seller 'Seizing Your Success'

"Elisabetta, your training style led us to realize our personality deeper, and given us an experience to communicate with our true thoughts which. It was a great impact for us to refresh ourselves and for us to look into ourselves further."

K. Furukawa
Singapore (2010)

"Elisabetta is the light at the end of many people's tunnel. She empowers, inspires and enables people to act and improve their lives." 

Michael Podolinsky
International Speaker & Trainer – Singapore (2010)

"Elisabetta embodies all she teaches and shares, she 'walks her talk' professionally and personally, which makes her the most authentic, powerful and inspiring role-model."

Lucy Lyon, Fitness Trainer and Mum
Singapore (2010)

"My process of Coaching with Elisabetta has empowered, motivated and inspired me to discover and be my true self. It has transformed my relationship with myself and others. It has given me greater clarity about my strengths and weaknesses, my needs and wants, my passions which, along with a variety of 'tools' Elisabetta has introduced me to, enable me to create and experience a purposeful and successful life. My family, friends and colleagues have all commented on the positive change they perceive in me and more importantly, today, I can recognize it and celebrate myself: I can be my own cheerleader. I am so very thankful that Elisabetta has been my Coach, a professional who truly 'walks her talk' and is therefore an inspirational and powerful role model."

Lucy Lyon, Fitness Trainer and Mum
Singapore (2008)

“Elisabetta's desire to full live out her God given destiny with authenticity and joy is what makes her a powerful witness, effective communicator and sincere friend.”

Melissa Aratani Kwee
 www.BeautifulPeople.org.sg - Singapore (2010)

“The process of coming and talking through my plans for life with you, has been amazing. Over the course of the time I have known you, you have facilitated my growth and change in ways I could never have imagined. You truly are a great teacher, wise and compassionate but prepared to push hard when needed. It is hard for me to really put into words the gifts you have given me. I want to thank you with all my heart. All my love always.”  

Sara Bell
U.K. (2010)

“I can be very short. Elisabetta opened my eyes.

I can be much longer but I probably need a book. 

As my personal coach Elisabetta facilitated all good things in me, she believed and trusted me. In the end of her eyes she could see a woman lost, with any pride, scared and without any respect for herself. She changed that all. And fast. She respected me and walk to my side, generous as she is, make a personal commitment for me to be a better person and make me to take responsibility of my life. She showed me different ways as I can choose the best for me. I learnt with her that outside of my world is plenty of things to do and I discovered that I can be just ‘me’.

She inspires me all day long, the best that happened to me in a long, long time, is to meet her.”

Monica Villanova
Barcelona, 2010

“Elisabetta Franzoso is one of those rare women who struggles deeply, works powerfully, lives fully, cries openly, laughs loudly, and loves completely. Her experiences with family and self run the full spectrum from elated joy to utter collapse, and back to a solid foundation for whole and healthy living. Along the way, she has assembled a palette of exercises and insights as rich as the rainbow after a fearsome storm, as fulfilling as sunshine kissing life back into the Earth."

Ron Kaufman
Bestselling author, "UP Your Service!"


“Elisabetta touches boldly on abuse and neglect issues that we often want to avoid speaking out. Her book is a strengthening aid in helping both the abused and the person causing hurts.”

Judy Leow - A Personal Friend
Singapore (2010)

“In the eight years I have known Elisabetta I have found her to be an inspiration in every way. Honest, authentic and able to speak ‘heart-to-heart’ with everyone she comes into contact with, Elisabetta has enriched many people’s lives – mine included. Her memoir, Stella’s Mum Gets Her Groove Back, is fully indicative of the honest, ‘what you see is what you get’ person Elisabetta is. By revealing her inner demons, desires, hopes and triumphs with honesty and humility, she continues to encourage countless individuals to become better parents, partners, lovers and friends. The fact she openly admits to needing to continually work at being a better person, wife and mother and balance all aspects of her life, is evidence of her authenticity. Elisabetta’s passion for all she puts her heart and soul into is quite incredible; I am indeed privileged to learn from her words – and actions. Best.”

Michelle Jones-White, Managing Editor
The Finder Singapore & Malaysia (2010)

“I attended the following three courses conducted by Elisabetta Franzoso

  • Communication in 4Dimensions: 28/4/2008 to 30/4/2008
  • Powerful Listening From The Inside Out: 6/8/2009 to 7/8/2009

I benefited greatly from all the courses because:

  • The courses are powered by people who have a genuine desire to help
  • Elisabetta conducts the sessions straight from the heart
  • They always deliver more than 100%
  • The courses address the causes as well as the symptoms of the problems at hand
  • Concrete steps on how to overcome problems are shared. E.g.:
    • Awareness
    • Responsibility
    • Action
    • Focus
    • Discipline

The courses are the top-of-the-range type. I requested the person in charge of selecting courses for NUS to select every course conducted by Elisabetta so that more people can benefit.

Some of the content of the course materials from different courses might overlap, but I am confident participants will:

  • Learn something new from each course
  • Be reinforced should they come across materials covered in previous courses”
Karen Yap
NUS (2010)

"Elisabetta is a wonderful and strong woman who has come a long way to become who she is today. She is a loving, caring and courageous woman who inspire others to open up and seek help and give themselves a second chance; a new beginning."

Portia See (2010)

"Elisabetta is simply a courageous woman and she is very honest about sharing her own story.  Learning from her past, she inspires others to have faith and believe one's dream will come true."

Sharon Ling
Singapore (2010)

"Elisabetta Franzoso incarnates the essence of responsibility. I am forever impressed by her courage in dealing with issues of abuse first from the perspective of the abuse she was inflicting before dealing with the abuse she had been a victim of.  Elisabetta has bravely made this the subject of her first book.  She still has a lot to give to the world; she is qualified to give lessons on responsibility to any individual or organization."

Guillaume Lévy-Lambert - CEO Tyna
Singapore (2010)

"Met Elisabetta during the FISAF Personal Trainer Course Sep '09, her work with us led to greater awareness of our holistic being and it was encouraging to feel her passion for her work."

Edmund Low
Singapore (2010)

“I have worked with Elisabetta for many years while in I was in Singapore and back home in Ibiza. When I contacted her I was looking to get my life more organized! What she could see I needed was something entirely different! She hits some pretty big nerves. After a lot of resistance from my "inner child" I embarked on a scary and challenging journey of self-awareness, I often lost my way and Elisabetta gently yet firmly (which I SO needed!) guided me towards the right path, making me aware of what I really wanted and needed all along.

Elisabetta is a patient non-judgmental coach yet she is hand on with a fiery enthusiasm for life that’s infectious!

Now I have a child of my own I am SO happy I took the chance to work with Elisabetta to break down self destructive patterns and when they re appear I have the awareness to deal with them as an adult.

I will always hold Elisabetta close to my heart as my work with her is on going.”

Jo Mills, Professional DJ and Mum
U.K. (2010)

"Elisabetta has an amazing level of passion and energy for what she does. You always feel that she is 100% there trying to make it happen. I have been working with Elisabetta on and off for the last 3 years and she is like a good wine, always getting better at what she does with more and more enthusiasm and passion."

Toufic Sehnaoui
Finance Department, Temasek – Singapore (2010)

These are some review we have received from our clients whom have participated in our workshops.