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 Issue: November 2006
 Quote Of The Month

By centering our lives on correct principles and creating a balanced focus between doing and increasing our ability to do, we become empowered in the task of creating effective, useful and peaceful lives…for ourselves, and for our posterity.

Steven Covey,
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

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A Step by Step Approach

Dear Readers,

Every journey starts with a first step.

Many people believe that to be effective in life they have to be outwardly productive, efficient, performing exceptionally. They think they need to be ‘doing’. How often though do we become so busy ‘doing’ that we loose sight of our purpose, goals and priorities and what we are doing all these things for?

At InsideOutYou we believe that to be truly effective in life we need to strike a balance between ‘being’ and ‘doing’. It is also through ‘being’ that we can, as Steven Covey writes, center our lives on and live by correct principles which enable us to choose actions that ensure what we do is truly effective.

Being’ means to take time to reflect, to be sure we pace ourselves realistically, to ensure we are balanced in our 4 dimensions, physically, intellectually, emotionally and relationally. It is this balance that is the root of Personal and Professional Effectiveness. Achieving this balance inside you leads to experiencing it outside of you too, in all your activities and relationships.

Achieving Personal and Professional Effectiveness does not happen overnight, there is no quick fix! It is a journey and the first step is to start to get to know your 4 dimensions on a deep level and become aware of how they influence you and your life, consciously and unconsciously.

You can start today by simply taking a few quiet minutes to check in with how your are feeling. Ask yourself:

How do I feel...
about my relationships?

I find that starting my day like this switches off my automatic pilot mode and gives me the opportunity to make choices about my daily actions based on my feelings not only my thoughts , beliefs and assumptions. Making choices is empowering and increases effectiveness.

Make a conscious decision to spend some time every morning ‘being’ to increase your effectiveness.

Elisabetta : More About Her

Elisabetta Franzoso (BA; MSocSc) has a background in Education, Psychology, Counselling, Movement and Music Therapy. She was trained in the US by well-known and successful coaches, Anthony Robbins and Debbie Ford.

During her 12 years spent in Asia, Elisabetta's interest in human development has led her to seek a variety of credentials in Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Image Consultancy, NLP techniques and Emotional Management. Committed to her own personal health and fitness, she has completed 2 marathons in her late 30's and continues to use running as a motivational tool in her daily life.

She has the skills, the charisma and a real passion to inspire, transform and empower individuals and organisations to thrive from the inside out.

InsideOutYou.com Coaching & Training
53 Holland Road, #01-01 Aura Park
Singapore 258859
Tel:+65 6465 4605
Visit us at http://www.insideoutyou.com

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