Using the 5 basic steps of Awareness, Responsibility, Focus, Action and Discipline as the benchmark of our work, we explore what we believe to be the 4 Dimensions™ of human communication:

  1. Physical Dimension
  2. Intellectual Dimension
  3. Emotional Dimension
  4. Relational Dimension

The result is represented by individuals, managers and leaders who can be more focused inside and who “respond” rather than “react” to situations and events.
They become effective from the inside out. Performance and productivity are significantly enhanced and emotional and intellectual balance is achieved.

Our Training and Coaching Technology can be experienced through a dynamic series of training programs which goes under the general name of:

‘Communication in 4Dimensions™’ Series

Our Communication in 4Dimensions™ Series addresses different areas of human communication:

  1. Communication for Personal and Professional Effectiveness
  2. Communication for Effective Business Presentations
  3. Communication for Effective Personal and Professional Image
  4. Communication for Effective Teamwork
  5. Communication for Effective Leadership
  6. Communication for Effective Sales Managers
  7. Communication for WellBeing and Peak Performance

Each workshop combines a high degree of excitement and energy with an integrative learning experience achieved through the use of:

  • Content customization to meet internal objectives
  • Motivational methods
  • Individual/group assignments and assessments
  • Group dynamic techniques
  • Role-plays, lectures, discussions
  • Music and Movement experiential exercises
  • Coaching Sessions
  • Video analysis

Our programs are highly interactive and addressed to those individuals and professionals looking for an ‘edge’ in the field of Corporate Training and Personal/Executive Coaching.