The Counsellor Sales Person
How To Win Customers & Influence People

This is a 2/3-Day Program conducted by Leonardo Talpo.

This Training Program has been designed based on the conviction your product knowledge, years of experience and your sense of service, are not alone in influencing potential costumers and cannot assure the retention of existing clients.

You also need Relationships Skills.

Success comes from understanding the Human Nature inherent in the Problem Solving Process. The Counsellor Salesperson attitude includes the interest in helping customers remove obstacles, seek ways to meet their needs, know how to ask pertinent questions, how to listen effectively and demonstrate honesty and integrity.

This in-depth participative program is designed to help people engaged in sales at any level become more professional and boost their sales turnover.

Who Should Attend?
Directors, leaders, HR professionals, sales and marketing professionals, lecturers, secretaries and entrepreneurs or anyone who want to communicate and present with impact and great confidence to their small or wide audiences.

Benefits at the end of the 2/3-day Program, participants will be able to:

  • Learn the language of Counsellor Approach

  • Develop skills in understanding the Customer better

  • Build strong rapport and long-lasting relationship with Customer

  • Use powerful communication tools to win people over and influence your way of thinking

  • Know how to move your potential customers towards their desired outcome.