Managing Your 'Self', Managing Others
Bringing Out the Best of 'You' at Work

2 Day Workshop

Today many people multi-task and have conflicting roles to play both at work and at home. This workshop gives insight, knowledge, experiences and skills to enable individuals of any background and age to lead a more balanced, dynamic and increasingly successful and healthy life.


  • Be aware and have a deep understanding about your 4 dimensions: physical, emotional, intellectual and relational

  • Understand more about your relational conflicts

  • Enhance your self-esteem and self-confidence in relationships

  • Be more assertive

  • Have effective techniques to minimize stress derived from challenging relationships

  • Have learnt the art of real listening

  • Have skills to motivate and empower yourself and other people at work and in life
Together to Win
The Art Of Positive TeamWork In 4Dimensions™

3 Day Workshop

Together to Win will passionately motivate people within an organization to achieve ‘team excellence” via skills that enable and promote Awareness, Responsibility, Focus, Action and Discipline. Organizational success depends on the ability of the employees and leaders to work and communicate effectively with others in a team. When a team has an understanding of “teamwork principles” and is motivated by mutual respect, everybody wins.


  • Communicate effectively

  • Give and receive feedback constructively

  • Maximize everyone’s potential

  • Share and delegate roles and tasks appropriately and fairly

  • Be an effective team player

  • Have skills to motivate and empower yourself and other people at work and in life

All programs can be tailored made to client specific needs.