Communication in 4Dimensions™
The Art of Communicating and Presenting

This is a 3-Day Program conducted by Elisabetta Franzoso.

Never like in today’s business and working environment, has it become relevant to communicate clearly and present sincerely your ideas in order to be a successful communicator, leader or public speaker.

When speaking to a large or small audience, or even one-to-one, you might feel intimidated or even stressed out. You might be unaware that your physical dimension is intertwined with your emotional and intellectual dimensions and that together, they all communicate your inner thoughts and ideas to the world outside in any moment of your day, at work, in business, and in family as well.

Because of the ‘training technology’ applied, this Program is highly interactive and addressed to those individuals and professionals looking for an ‘edge’.

We have almost forgotten what communication is all about - contact and interaction. It is an exchange of thoughts, ideas and desires among people through actions, moves, voice, words, questions and feedbacks.

When you want to transfer your thoughts and ideas outside, you first have to translate them into something that is understandable, definite and welcome to your audience. 

Building and focusing on positive thinking and feeling is the foundation of positive communication. It leads to successfully act with self-confidence, enhancing the ability to express yourself with confident, assertive gestures, words, questions and feedback.

Nurturing a confident mind provides the skills to create positive communication and, as a result, genuine connections with your boss, colleagues, employees, family members.

Remember: positive behaviors, gestures, vocal responses, questions attention and empathic listening abilities are the outcome of an effective positive mind and can be learnt and integrated in communication at any time in your life.

Benefits at the end of the 3-day workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand the deep impact of your emotional and intellectual dimensions when you communicate or speak in public

  • Be emotionally and intellectually ‘in focus’ when you communicate with others.

  • Communicate with confidence and impact, free of the anxiety and stress when speaking in front of your listeners

  • Enhance your abilities and skills, to ‘understand’ and ‘connect’ with your audience

  • Understand how to develop self-confidence and style from the inside out

  • Apply the power of body language and body image

  • Know how to maintain a positive mind and stay ‘in focus’ for successful relationships and communication

  • Learn innovative techniques to keep your body re-energized at work and in life

Who Should Attend?
Directors, leaders, HR professionals, sales and marketing professionals, lecturers, secretaries and entrepreneurs who want to communicate and present with impact and great confidence to their small or wide audiences.