Think, Act, Speak, Listen!
The Power Of Positive Communication From The Inside Out

This is a 3-Day Workshop conducted by Elisabetta Franzoso.

We have almost forgotten what communication is all about - contact and interaction. It is an exchange of thoughts, ideas and desires among people through actions, moves, voice, words, questions and feedbacks.

When you want to transfer your thoughts and ideas outside, you first have to translate them into something that is understandable, definite and welcome to your audience. 

Effective Positive Communication from the Inside Out is more than merely communicating a message in a meeting, delivering a proposal, convincing people that what you are saying is a good idea. It is more than getting your voice heard commanding the attention of your listeners or giving dynamic presentations to a small/big audience.

Effective Positive Communication from the Inside Out is about developing the capacity of confidently building and conveying thoughts, feelings, feedback, desires which create successful results for you at work and in life, having a positive impact on your listeners as well. 

Building and focusing on positive thinking and feeling is the foundation of effective positive communication. It leads to successfully act with self-confidence, enhancing the ability to express yourself with confident, assertive gestures, words, questions and feedback.

Nurturing a confident mind provides the skills to create effective positive communication and, as a result, genuine connections with your boss, colleagues, employees, family members.

Remember: positive behaviors, gestures, vocal responses, questions attention and empathic listening abilities are the outcome of an effective positive mind and can be learnt and integrated in communication at any time in your life.

Benefits at the end of the 3-day workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to build and nurture positive thinking from the inside out

  • Practicing skills to transform what’s negative into positive in communication

  • Listen to yourself and others actively, positively and empathically

  • Explore the power of the positive content of what you say and communicate to others

  • Build up ‘Awareness’ about the power of ‘Asking Questions’ and ‘Listening with Intent’'

  • Enhance the capacity to listen and communicate ‘Out of The Box’

  • Learn

    • how positive thoughts and ideas have an impact on your spoken and unspoken communication

    • how to self-assess yourself  as a successful communicator and listener

  • Know

    • how to speak and convey written or positive messages which can create connections, build relationships, resolve conflicts

    • how spoken, unspoken and written communication can take place consciously or subconsciously

Who Should Attend?
Directors, leaders, HR professionals, sales and marketing professionals, lecturers, secretaries and entrepreneurs who want to communicate and present with impact and great confidence to their small or wide audiences.

All programs can be tailored made to client specific needs.