Just as a Personal Fitness Trainer helps you raise your standards for accelerated results in your body, your Personal Coach will challenge and support you in attaining the results you desire and deserve in your life.”

Anthony Robbins

Our Personal and Executive Coaching Service

We provide Communication in 4Dimensions™ Coaching services (individuals, executives and small groups) in the following areas:

  • Coaching for Effective Communication
  • Coaching for Effective Business Presentations
  • Coaching for Effective Relationships and Teams
  • Coaching for Personal and Professional Image
  • Coaching for Effective Leaders
  • Coaching for Personal WellBeing and Top Performance

All our Communication in 4Dimensions™ Personal and Executive Coaching Sessions and Packages are highly personalized, according to the individual needs of the clients. When necessary, we make use of a selected Team of highly qualified Professionals in the field of Communication, Health, Fitness, Image and Psychological Behaviour, recommending them to our clients.

It is a fact that when individuals are internally self-managed, in balance, in control and empowered in their inner dimensions, they are confident and driven in their communication. They are focused and communicate clearly and positively to others. They are personally and professionally effective.

They can:

  • express and present themselves effectively
  • take action
  • think creatively
  • listen with focus
  • choose to communicate positively
  • manage ‘stress and anxiety’ well, no matter what kind of pressure they face at work
  • take appropriate risk
  • make informed and appropriate decisions
  • unleash their “positive potential in communication” from the inside out
  • inspire and add value to the environment where they live and work

"Building awareness from the inside out makes you take the responsibility to focus on your actions and be disciplined. The breakthrough result is living an effective, balanced life.”

Elisabetta Franzoso

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