InsideOutYou Counselling & Coaching recognizes that the client may have shared future plans, business affairs, customer lists, financial information, job information, goals, personal information, and other private information. The Coach or Counselor  will not at any time, either directly or indirectly, voluntarily use any information for the Coach or Counselor’s  own benefit, or disclosure, or communicate this information to a third party.


InsideOutYou Counselling & Coaching acknowledges and commits to the Code of Ethics as outlined by the ICF (International Coach Federation), IAC (International Association of Coaches), WellCoaches® (Association of Wellness Coaches) and the Professional Counselor’s Association.

InsideOutYou Counselling & Coaching Trainers and Associates do not represent any religious ideologies, or are members of any sect, cult or dogmatic organization.

Length of the Coaching / Counselling sessions

The average duration of our Coaching and Counselling Sessions are as follows:

  • A Coaching session is 1 hour
  • A Counselling session 1 hour

After this time, overtime begins. The Counselor/Coach assesses the possible additional length of the current session and informs the client about this. The client now can choose to either continue the session for additional charge or end the session.

Session Cancellations

Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. There will be no refund or credit for cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to a scheduled session unless for specific emergencies cases.

Financial Arrangements: Counselling and Coaching

  1. Psychological Counselling:

    $ 200 per 1 hour session
    $ 190 per 1 hour session if 12 session are paid in advance (validity 1 year)

    On average, clients undergo a minimum of 6 to 24 Counselling Sessions depending on the specific issue they do face or confront in life or at work.
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    Counselling services at a subsidised rate are available and provided by Jean Bernard Sampson

  2. Personal Coaching (Communication, Life, Health, Image, Career):

    a) With Elisabetta Franzoso:

    $350 per 1 Hour Session – Minimum 6 Sessions (payment in advance every 6 sessions). Each client receives a 1 hour free ‘chemistry meeting’ with the Coach  before starting the journey.

    b) With an InsideOutYou Associate Coach ( Life, Communication, Health , Relationships, Image, Health, Career):

    $250 per 1 Hour Session – Minimum 6 Sessions (payment in advance every 6 sessions). Each client receives a 1 hour free ‘chemistry meeting’  with  the Associate Coach Selected or assigned  before starting the journey.

    On average, clients undergo a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 18 Coaching Sessions.

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  3. Personal Coaching ‘Total Make Over’ Packages:

    with Elisabetta Franzoso:

    These are highly personalized packages and can be quoted on request.

    They addressed clients who are committed to change from the inside out and involve a commitment of minimum 6 months. The 4 dimensions of the individuals will be analyzed and taken in consideration. The work of the coach will involve also addressing a team of specialists (clinical or alternative doctors, personal fitness trainers, nutritionists, image consultants, yoga instructors, massage therapists, etc.) who will eventually work with the clients according to the specific needs. The teamwork will be co-ordinated by the Coach in charge.

    It is advisable to have the sessions on a weekly basis but of course every case will be considered unique and therefore the needs of the client is a priority and will be taken in consideration. 

    Packages include a minimum of 10 sessions  of 2 hours each, manual, 2 books, 1 DVD, support during the week by email and sms, extra meetings with the coach if necessary (full details will be given during the chemistry meeting).

  4. Executive Coaching:

    $ 600 per 1 Hour Session -  Minimum 6 Sessions.

    The Executive Coaching Sessions take place at Client’s premises.

    Executive Coaching Packages of ½ to  1  to 3 full days
    Quotation will be provided on request.

    Additional Costs
    When coaching is delivered by phone, the client will phone the coach at the pre-arranged time.

    In case of face-to-face coaching sessions: for travel arrangements, flight fares, hotel reservations etc. the client is solely responsible.

  5. Performance Coaching

    $300 Nutrition /Health/ Wellness Assessment (1 Session at the beginning of the journey)

    $180 1 Hour Session of Performance Coaching - Minimum 24 Sessions 1 to 2 times a week (payment in advance every 6 sessions)

    The Performance Coaching Sessions take place at the Performance Coach Gym or the Nutritionist Coach premises.

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  6. Special Rates:

    Young Graduates and Students:

    For young people who are studying or who have just graduated there are no fixed rates.

    InsideOutYou Coaching & Counselling fees are subject to be individually estimated on account of personal and professional factors when the client is under 25 years old.