Managing Director & Principal Facilitator
BA; MSocSc (Counselling)
Dipl. Psychology

Elisabetta is a highly self-driven motivator for Communication, Self-Expression and WellBeing from the Inside Out. She is an enthusiastic and charismatic trainer, speaker and author. Her passion is to empower people to transform and communicate with confidence in their 4 Dimensions: physical, emotional, intellectual & relational. She helps organizations build work-life balance through the power of Communication in 4Dimensions™ and WellBeing in 4Dimensions™.

Elisabetta has a background in Psychology, Fitness, Emotional Management and Body Movement Awareness Methodologies. An accomplished facilitator of the Hoffman Quadrinity Process, she was trained by well-known and successful coaches and teachers, Anthony Robbins, Debbie Ford and Gabrielle Roth. She is accredited and licensed in the use of the Wellness Wheel Inventory by Dr. Travis from the USA. A tool that she integrates in her work on a regular basis.

During her 17 years spent in Asia, Elisabetta's interest in human development has led her to seek a variety of credentials in Health, Nutrition, Fitness, NeuroLinguisticProgramming Techniques, Yoga, Positive Psychology, Gestalt Theory, Bioenergetic Analysis and the Enneagram Personality Assessment, Movement & Music Therapy. Committed to her own well-being, she has started running in her late 30's and so far she completed three marathons: two in Singapore and one in New York. She is an accomplished functional fitness trainer and uses physical exercise to motivate herself towards awareness, responsibility, action, focus, and discipline.

Elisabetta is an Ambassador for Communication and WellBeing from the Inside Out. Under the 'umbrella' of her company, InsideOutYou Coaching & Training, she designed the Communication in 4Dimensions™ series and the WellBeing In 4Dimensions™ series, a body of training workshops / programs which explore the several aspects of Communication in the areas of Self-Expression and Business Presentations, Teamwork, Leadership, and WellBeing.

Her workshops and public talks are a testimonial of her deep passion to motivate individuals, leaders and executives to discover their creative and emotional potential, enhancing their communication skills, body language, self-expression and self-confidence, while nurturing their personal and relational well-being from the inside out.

Elisabetta is the author of Stella's Mum Gets Her Groove Back - A True Story released in June 2008: a modern epic of transformation and inner-outer success now available on or through the website

Her sense of humor accompanied by her indisputable honesty and passion to support greater responsibility, joy and positive attitude in life and at work, provide an appealing combination that makes Elisabetta a unique trainer, passionate coach, inspirational author and motivational speaker, indeed "true to her heart".

"By building awareness in the 4Dimensions of human communication and wellbeing, we can achieve outstanding life results, boost our life energy and unleash our personal power from the inside out."

Elisabetta Franzoso