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 I spent many years hiding in shame and denial that I, like so many millions of other children, had been physically, verbally, emotionally and sexually abused. The impact of that abuse affected me both consciously and subconsciously and I unwittingly made choices that led me to repeat the toxic cycle of abuse with my own daughter Stella and my husband Leonardo.

This book openly shares how I confronted and ended up breaking the chain of abuse, denial and emotional addiction that has spanned generations.

It tells the readers how one day, when my daughter was only four years old, I chose to listen to the positive voice coming from inside of me. From that very moment I started to look inside, take responsibility and discover the bridge existing between my past and present, unleashing truths I had denied for years.

This is the true story of my personal transformation and the tools I experienced and used to become who I am today: a healthy mother, wife and businesswoman.

I believe that you too can live a life that will motivate you to discover an exciting new world of self-confidence and build a legacy of positive relationships.

Develop the childlike spirit of curiosity and choose to find out how I blossomed. And keep in mind that, if I could, so can you!

Elisabetta Franzoso


Leonardo Talpo has helped many people to recognize their own behaviour and create a more healthy Family-Work Relationship (FWR) with themselves and others.

Working independently in his own practice, he has several years experience as an Educator Counsellor and Coach  with particular experience in Family-Work Relationship (FWR).

Elisabetta Franzoso


Transformed Self is a compassionate healing retreat and intelligently targeted program of self discovery - a deeply meditative holistic retreat and non aggressive 4 day experience which focuses on connecting participants to the Now, resulting in self acceptance and a feeling of well being. The course takes place at a beautiful rural property which perfectly complements the process.


The James Nayler Foundation is dedicated to understanding and treating Personality Disorders

Welcome to the charity which takes it for granted that Personality Disorders and Conduct Disorders relate to earlier traumatic experiences.

The model is simple -- children growing up require a sound parental attachment. Where this attachment is robust, damage from childhood trauma is ephemeral -- where it is not, then the long term effects of trauma closely resemble those of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

In effect, the individual becomes 'frozen' at an infantile stage - whence the continuation into adult life of survival strategies painfully and deeply learnt in infancy. Adult reasoning is needed to ensure contact with today's reality. Once adult survival strategies are in place, and being fully relied upon, then all symptoms of disorderly socialization evaporate. - - - - Bob Johnson

 "I strongly recommend this web site to anyone interested in Emotional Health."

Elisabetta Franzoso


The Safer Society Press, a small nonprofit press operated by the Safer Society Foundation, Inc., publishes relevant research, studies, video and audio tapes, and books that contribute to the development of sexual abuse treatment, sexual abuse prevention, emerging topics, and developments in the field.


Alice Miller, PhD in philosophy, psychology and sociology, as well as a researcher on childhood and author of twelve books, translated into thirty languages, has created this website with the goal to inform future parents and former victims about the disastrous consequences of child abuses, which can be prevented thanks to the information that is available today. Supported by a well equipped team she publishes here articles, interviews, flyers, and she answers to letters of readers of this website that refer to her works.


This is a site in Italian language only. It will be soon available in English and Spanish too. Homes4hope.net is an organization founded by my Italian friend, Alfredo Villa.
I personally strongly support his vision and work around the work.
Homes 4 Hope offers an alternative and synergetic humanitarian model of intervention when compared to the traditional and international models of humanitarian co-operation.
Its aim is providing the necessary funds to build and mantain houses to those in great need all over the world.


In 1984, Dr. Buscaglia founded the Leo Buscaglia Foundation. Felice (pronounced Feh-LEE-Chay) is an Italian word for peace and joy and, incidentally, Dr. Buscaglia's first name. He established the Foundation to give special aid and attention to those who have dedicated themselves to the betterment of person kind through the dynamics of helping one another. As in his experience with Wong, the Foundation is structured around the dynamics of sharing and giving, and influencing others to do the same, the roles of helper and helped constantly interchanging.

"Only when we give joyfully, without hesitation or thought of gain, can we truly know what love means."

Leo Buscaglia

The specific purpose of the foundation is to encourage a focus on the welfare of others and the community. It recognizes and rewards the giver, the sharer and the nurturer. It is hoped that this will encourage love, interdependence, commitment, giving back and giving forward.

As a non-profit Foundation, contributions are tax deductible.

In essence, then, the purpose of the Leo Buscaglia Foundation is to enhance the spirit of giving.

‘Buscaglia is an author who had a great impact on my life . His lesson on ‘Love ‘ and his books still inspires me in my daily work and as a trainer and coach. In particular I recommend the reading of ‘Leaving, Loving , Learning’. A great book on love!’

Elisabetta Franzoso